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Making your business more profitable with smart technology

  • Wifi Analytics

  • Smart Marketing

  • App Location Services

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Arara Digital Customer Experience

Arara en 3 conceptos

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Wifi, Camaras y Apps integradas en una solución
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Servicio de acompañamiento
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Tecnología enfocada a resultados

A truly omnichannel experience

Experiencia de usuario de Arara Wifi Analytics y Arara App Location Services
Arara es miembro de Endeavor Global
Arara ha ganado premis en Indoor Positionin and Indoor Navigation International Conference
Arara fue premiada por el MIT Technology Review
Arara and its founders were named Endeavor Entrepreneur
Our Indoor Positioning technology was awarded as the best in the world for private companies
Arara was selected as one of the 35 most innovative young companies in
Latin America

What is happening in Arara

Arara was selected by NVIDIA to be part of its development ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence on your GPUs

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